Pack Ice

  • (noun): A large expanse of floating ice.
    Synonyms: Ice pack

Some articles on pack ice, ice:

German North Polar Expedition - Germania
... Germania made it through the pack ice thanks to its auxiliary engine and, during late summer, explored the region around Sabine Island, Little Pendulum Island and Shannon ... and continue North, however only to find the way blocked by pack ice ... Germania managed to get through the pack ice, but the engine broke, and returned to Bremerhaven, most of the way by sail, on September 11, 1870 ...
Scottish National Antarctic Expedition - Expedition - Second Voyage, 1904
... No pack ice was encountered before they were south of the Antarctic Circle, and they were able to proceeded smoothly until, on 3 March, heavy pack ice stopped the ship at 72°18’S ... A few hours later, they reached an ice barrier, which blocked progress towards the south-east ... by Bruce because of the state of the sea ice ...
Flaw Lead
... an oceanographic term for a waterway opening between pack ice and fast ice ... Flaw lead occurs annually at the time when central pack ice drifts from coastal ice, thereby creating the flaw ... A similar opening ("lead") can exist between pack ice and the shore, referred to as a shore lead ...
Types of Sea Ice
... Land-fast ice, or simply fast ice, is sea ice that has frozen along coasts ("fastened" to them) or to the sea floor over shallow parts of the continental shelf, and extends out from land into sea ... Unlike drift ice, it does not move with currents and wind ... Drift ice consists of ice that floats on the surface of the water, as distinguished from the fast ice, attached to coasts ...
David Scott Cowper - Sources
... Holland attempting to make progress in Lancaster Sound through pack ice in 1986 Mabel E ... to make progress in Lancaster Sound through pack ice in 1986 An indication of height, of heavy polar pack ice encountered off Barter Island alongside the ...

Famous quotes containing the words ice and/or pack:

    ‘Line in nature is not found;
    Unit and universe are round;
    In vain produced, all rays return;
    Evil will bless, and ice will burn.’
    As Uriel spoke with piercing eye,
    A shudder ran around the sky;
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    ... [Washington] is always an entertaining spectacle. Look at it now. The present President has the name of Roosevelt, marked facial resemblance to Wilson, and no perceptible aversion, to say the least, to many of the policies of Bryan. The New Deal, which at times seems more like a pack of cards thrown helter skelter, some face up, some face down, and then snatched in a free-for-all by the players, than it does like a regular deal, is going on before our interested, if puzzled eyes.
    Alice Roosevelt Longworth (1884–1980)