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List Of Puerto Rican Military Personnel - Korean War and Other Conflicts
... War in which four Puerto Ricans were awarded the Medal of Honor, Operation El Dorado Canyon, Operation Desert Shield, Operation Restore Hope, Operation Desert Storm and in the ... decorated Hispanic soldiers and in some cases, such as Operation Restore Hope and Operation Desert Shield, they were the first to die in combat ...
Rhode Island Air National Guard - History - Gulf War 1991
... answered the call to provide support during Operation Desert Shield ... Again, flying backfill operation, this crew had the distinction of being in the "Theater of Operation" when Operation Desert Shield turned into Operation Desert Storm, the Gulf War ...
Carrier Air Wing Seven - History - Gulf War
... Battle Group was the first on scene to deter Iraqi aggression in Operation Desert Shield ... As Operation Desert Storm progressed to quick victory, the deployment was delayed to reestablish the normal CV deployment cycle ... In September 1991 CVW-7/IKE deployed to the Red Sea/Persian Gulf as part of post hostilities Operation Desert Storm ...
Operation Desert Spring
... Operation Desert Spring is part of an ongoing operation in Kuwait by the United States, that was established on December 31, 1998, following Operation Desert Storm and Operation Desert Shield ...
AGM-86 ALCM - Operations
... became operational in January 1991 at the onset of Operation Desert Storm ... These "round-robin" missions marked the beginning of the operation's Air Force component and are the longest known aircraft combat sorties in history (more than 14 ... occurred in September 1996 during Operation Desert Strike ...

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