Omo or OMO may refer to:

  • Omo remains, a collection of hominid bones
  • Omo River in southern Ethiopia
  • Omo Island, Denmark
  • Omo National Park, in Ethiopia
  • Open market operations, by the Federal Reserve or other central banks
  • Omo (detergent), a detergent product
  • Omo, means child in the Yoruba language
  • Omo, means "oh my gosh" in the Korean language

Other articles related to "omo":

... Part of the Keficho Shekicho Zone, Decha is bordered on the south by the Omo River which separates it from the Debub Omo Zone, on the southwest by the Bench Maji Zone, on the ... The southern tip of Decha is included in the territory of the Omo National Park ...
... Shekicho Zone, and on the southeast by the Omo River which separates it from the Debub Omo Zone ... The part of this woreda which lies within 15 kilometers of the Omo is included in the Omo National Park ...
Semien Omo Zone
... Semien Omo (English North Omo) was a Zone in the Ethiopian Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Region (SNNPR) ... It was named after the Omo River, which flows in the western area of the former zone ... Semien Omo is bordered on the south by Debub Omo, on the west by Keficho Shekicho, on the northwest by the Oromia Region, on the north by Kembata Tembaro, on the northeast ...
Jeremy Curl - Lower Omo River Valley
... In 2010 Curl crossed the western side of the Omo River Valley in southwest Ethiopia from Dima across tribal lands southwards towards Kenya ... lands of the Bench, Dizi and Nyangatom tribes finishing on the eastern side of the Omo in the lands of the Hamer ...