Oklahoma Territory

Oklahoma Territory

Coordinates: 35°24′N 97°00′W / 35.4°N 97°W / 35.4; -97

Territory of Oklahoma
Organized incorporated territory of the United States

Capital Guthrie
Government Organized incorporated territory
Governor List
- Organic act May 2 1890
- Statehood November 16 1907

The Territory of Oklahoma was an organized incorporated territory of the United States that existed from May 2, 1890, until November 16, 1907, when it was joined with the Indian Territory under a new constitution and admitted to the Union as the State of Oklahoma.

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Socialist Party Of Oklahoma
... The Socialist Party of Oklahoma was a semi-autonomous affiliate of the Socialist Party of America located in the Southwestern state of Oklahoma ... United States of America, the area later incorporated into Oklahoma had been previously used for reservations to which indigenous Native American populations were ... In April 1889 some 2 million acres of unassigned lands in the future Oklahoma Territory were opened up to non-Native American settlement in the first of a series of Oklahoma land runs ...
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... From the postcard descriptions sent out, the Stillwater, Oklahoma Territory, city marshal recognized Ol Yantis, the newest member of the gang ... A sheriff's posse from old Beaver County, Oklahoma Territory, caught up with the gang north of Fort Supply ... Waightman held up store and post office at Clarkson, Oklahoma Territory ...
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... The Choctaw Coal and Railway Company had been established in Oklahoma Territory to construct a railroad, and to own and operate coal mines in Indian Territory and Oklahoma Territory ... was named president of the new company, now known as the Choctaw, Oklahoma and Gulf Railroad ... The company owned and operated several large coal mines in Indian Territory, including one large mine at the new mining community of Gowen, located east of McAlester ...
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... Old Oklahoma – April, 22, 1889 – opened by land run ... No Man's Land – May 2, 1890, assigned to Oklahoma Territory by Organic Act ... County – March 16, 1896 – officially assigned to Oklahoma Territory (Supreme Court decision May 23, 1895, separated the county from Texas) ...
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... The Lieutenant Governor of Oklahoma traces its history back to the pre-state era of Oklahoma Territory ... office title the “Lieutenant Governor of Oklahoma Territory,” there was a Secretary of Oklahoma Territory which served as the immediate successor should the Governorship of Oklahoma ... This power was exercised twice in the Territory’s history when Secretary Robert Martin replaced Governor George Washington Steele, and again when Secretary William C ...

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