Oil Shale Gas

Oil shale gas is a synthetic gas mixture (syngas) produced by oil shale pyrolysis. Although often referred to as shale gas, it differs from the natural gas produced from shale, which is also known as shale gas.

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Shale Oil Extraction - Processing Principles
... Shale oil extraction process decomposes oil shale and converts its kerogen into shale oil—a petroleum-like synthetic crude oil ... by comparing their yields to the results of a Fischer Assay performed on a sample of the shale ... In this process, oil shale is heated in the absence of oxygen until its kerogen decomposes into condensable shale oil vapors and non-condensable combustible oil shale gas ...
Oil Shale Gas - Usage
... Oil shale gas has served as a substitute for natural gas ... In the 19th century and in the beginning of the 20th century oil shale gas was used as illuminating gas ... In 1920s, gas plants in Tallinn and Tartu produced oil shale gas as a town gas ...
Petroter - Commercial Use
... Two Galoter retorts built in 1980 are used for oil production by the Narva Oil Plant, a subsidiary of the Estonian energy company Eesti Energia ... Both retorts process 125 tonnes per hour of oil shale ... The annual shale oil production is 135,000 tonnes and oil shale gas production is 40 million cubic metres per annum (1.4 × 109 cu ft/a) ...

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