• (adv): In an official role.
    Example: "Officially, he is in charge"; "officially responsible"
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Suburbs Of Wellington - Suburbs
... Wellington city has roughly 60 officially-defined suburbs one can group them by the wards used to elect the City Council ... Some areas, while officially forming part of a larger suburb (or several suburbs), are considered by some to be separate communities ... The officially-defined suburbs include ...
Captains Of Crush Grippers - Certification
... Since then, more than 150 people around the world have been officially certified as closing the No. 4 Gripper in 1994, but no one was officially able to close it until Joe Kinney was certified in 1998 ... Only four other people have officially closed the No ...
Lichenomphalia - Thallus Names and Nomenclature
... Byssus botryoides is the type species of the now officially rejected generic names Phytoconis and Botrydina ... hudsoniana as a lichen, Endocarpon viride, which is the type of another officially rejected name, Coriscium ... Prior to officially rejecting these names, the names Botrydina and Phytoconis were both applied to described Lichenomphalia species ...
Campus Threads - History
... Campus Threads, LLC was officially created on July 21, 2006 ... The doors to the store officially opened on December 1, 2006 ... In February 2009 Campus Threads will officially change its name to University Avenue (University Ave for short) ...
... is composed of 16 villages, divided into 10 councils Apellániz (officially Apellániz/Apinaiz) Atauri Azáceta (officially Azazeta) Corres (officially Korres) Maestu (officially Maeztu/Maestu ... Onraita (officially Onraita/Erroeta) El Real Valle de Laminoria (also with official versions in Euskera Laminoriako Erret Harana), formed by six small towns Alecha (officially ... Róitegui (officially Róitegui/Erroitegi) Sabando Virgala Mayor (officially Vírgala Mayor/Birgara Goien), which also includes the village of Virgala Menor (officially Vírgala Menor/Bi ...

More definitions of "officially":

  • (adv): With official authorization.
    Synonyms: formally

Famous quotes containing the word officially:

    At a time when pimpery, lick-spittlery, and picking the public’s pocket are the order of the day—indeed, officially proclaimed as virtue—the poet must play the madcap to keep his balance. And ours.
    Studs Terkel (b. 1912)

    We who officially value freedom of speech above life itself seem to have nothing to talk about but the weather.
    Barbara Ehrenreich (b. 1941)