Observational Data

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SS 433 - Observational Data
... Long Baseline Array for 42 consecutive days gave new data and understanding of the action of the jets ...
Linear Regression - Estimation Methods - Least-squares Estimation and Related Techniques
... OLS estimates are commonly used to analyze both experimental and observational data ... with the regressors will generally be satisfied in an experiment, but in the case of observational data, it is difficult to exclude the possibility of an omitted covariate z that ... The condition of homoscedasticity can fail with either experimental or observational data ...
Analysis Of Variance - Assumptions of ANOVA - Randomization-based Analysis - Statistical Models For Observational Data
... However, when applied to data from non-randomized experiments or observational studies, model-based analysis lacks the warrant of randomization ... For observational data, the derivation of confidence intervals must use subjective models, as emphasized by Ronald A ... In practice, the estimates of treatment-effects from observational studies generally are often inconsistent ...

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    This city is neither a jungle nor the moon.... In long shot: a cosmic smudge, a conglomerate of bleeding energies. Close up, it is a fairly legible printed circuit, a transistorized labyrinth of beastly tracks, a data bank for asthmatic voice-prints.
    Susan Sontag (b. 1933)