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Applications of Fourier Optics Principles - Fourier Transforming Property of Lenses - Lens As A Low-pass Filter
... A lens is basically a low-pass plane wave filter (see Low-pass filter) ... Consider a "small" light source located on-axis in the object plane of the lens. 2.2), Then, the lens passes - from the object plane over onto the image plane - only that portion of the radiated spherical wave which lies inside the edge angle of ...
Fourier Optics - Optical Systems: General Overview and Analogy With Electrical Signal Processing Systems
... An optical system consists of an input plane, and output plane, and a set of components that transforms the image f formed at the input into a different image g formed at the output ... an optical imaging system is the output plane field which is produced when an ideal mathematical point source of light is placed in the input plane (usually on-axis) ... imaging system, wherein the input plane is called the object plane and the output plane is called the image plane ...
Derivation of The Formulas - Proof of The Scheimpflug Principle
... In a two-dimensional representation, an object plane inclined to the lens plane is a line described by ... By optical convention, both object and image distances are positive for real images, so that in Figure 6, the object distance u increases to the left of the lens plane LP the vertical ... The relationship between the object distance u, the image distance v, and the lens focal length f is given by the thin-lens equation solving for u gives so that ...
Point Spread Function - Theory
... The point spread function may be independent of position in the object plane, in which case it is called shift invariant ... In addition, if there is no distortion in the system, the image plane coordinates are linearly related to the object plane coordinates via the magnification M as ... image, we may simply regard the image plane coordinate axes as being reversed from the object plane axes ...

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