Object Code

Object code, or sometimes object module, is what a computer compiler produces. In a general sense object code is a sequence of statements or instructions in a computer language, usually a machine code language (i.e., 1's and 0's) or an intermediate language such as RTL.

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Object-code Compatible
... Object-code compatible is a computing term meaning that object code can move freely between two different kinds of computers and can be expected to function in the same way ...
Tandem Computers - History - TNS/R NonStop Migration To MIPS
... binaries of that software on the new machine, by emulation and by automatic translation of binary object code ... Similar object code translation techniques were subsequently used by Apple Computers, to move Macintosh software from M68000 machines to PowerPC machines, and by Digital Equipment Corporation, to move VMS users ... They didn't plan to use the same emulation techniques on their own primary code ...
White-Smith Music Publishing Company V. Apollo Company - Issue and Relevance
... The 1976 Copyright Act later clarified the issue, defining a "copy" as a "material object ... is that it foreshadowed the debate over whether object code (computer program code in the form of 0s and 1s encoded in a magnetic tape or disc or in an EPROM ... and initially several lower court decisions held that object code was not a "copy" of a computer program ...
Objective Code
... An object file is a file containing object code, meaning relocatable format machine code that is usually not directly executable ... Object files are produced by an assembler, compiler, or other language translator, and used as input to the linker, which in turn typically generates an executable or library by ... There are various formats for object files, and the same object code can be packaged in different object files ...

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