Oa is a fictional planet that lies at the center of the DC Comics universe. Since its inception, Oa has been the planetary citadel of the Guardians of the Universe and the headquarters of the Green Lantern Corps. It first appeared in Green Lantern vol 2 #1, when the Guardians summoned Hal's 'energy duplicate' so they could hear of his origin.

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Călineşti-Oaş - Geography
... Călineşti-Oaş is situated in the Oaş Depression, near the Jelejnic Hill, 46 km (29 mi) North - East of the county seat Satu Mare on the Talna and Tur rivers ... west, which represents the boundary between the historical Oaş Country and Ugocea ... Călineşti-Oaş has a continental climate, characterised by hot dry summers and cold winters ...
Loening OL - Variants
... later to COA-1 COA-1 Three prototypes and 9 production aircraft for the Army Air Service OA-1A Army production aircraft with redesigned vertical tail and powered by a 420-horsepower, water-cooled Liberty V-12 engine ... Powered by a inverted V-12 Wright Typhoon, redeignated OA-10 before delivery in 1929 ... OA-1B Same as an OA-1A with a water-cooled V-1650-1 engine, 9 built ...
Book of Oa
... After Thomas Kalmaku used Jordan's ring to rebuild Oa, Kyle Rayner used his power as Ion to resurrect the Guardians ... The book of Oa is now restored ... The book of Oa has been designated off-limits after being rewritten by the Guardians of the Universe to include ten new laws ...