Numa may refer to:

  • Numa Pompilius, legendary second king of Rome
  • Numa Morikazu, Meiji era Japanese politician
  • Numa, Iowa, U.S. town
  • The Numa Numa Internet meme
  • The Northern Paiute people
  • A performing lion who was raised at Gay's Lion Farm in El Monte, California
  • NuMA is a large nuclear protein that is required for spindle organization and accumulates at the spindle poles during mitosis.

The acronym NUMA may refer to:

  • The National Underwater and Marine Agency
  • Non-Uniform Memory Access
  • The N video game's user levels database, called the N User Map Archive: N (video game)#User-created custom levels

Other articles related to "numa":

Battle Of Piva Forks
... The Battle of Piva Forks, also known as the Battle of Numa Numa Trail, was an engagement that took place during the Bougainville campaign in World War II ... the Piva River checked near the junction of the Numa Numa and East-West Trails, the US forces sought to remove the obstacles by force ...
Mauro Numa - Biography
... In the final for the Individual Title Numa won over Matthias Behr ... Less than 1 minute before the end Behr was 4 points up but Numa caught his opponent and eventually won in the tie break with the final score of 12-11 ... In the following years Numa confirmed to be one of the strongest in Foil Individual winning medals in Barcelona 1985, in Sofia 1986, Denver 1989, Lyon 1990 World Championships ...
Mauro Numa
... Mauro Numa (born 8 November 1961 in Mestre) is an Italian fencer and one of the strongest during the 1980s.His career started very early and in 1979, at 18, he was included in the Foil's Italian Team ... In 1980 Numa could not compete at the Moscow Olympic Games due to the boycott ...
Numa, Oklahoma - Present
... The current grain elevator is operated by the W.B ... Johnston Grain Company, Johnston Enterprises, Inc ...
Shin Ōnuma
... Shin Ōnuma (大沼 心, Ōnuma Shin?) is a Japanese animation and theatre director ... He has also provided key animation for many anime ...