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Timeline Of North Korea Nuclear Program
... This Chronology of the North Korean Nuclear Program has its roots in the 1950's and beings in earnest in 1989 with the end of the Cold War and the decline of the USSR as the main ... The North Korean nuclear program can roughly be divided into four phases ... of North Korea’s domestic plutonium production program ...
CIA Transnational Activities In Counterproliferation - Nuclear/fissionable - 2002 Intelligence On Iraq
... Estimate (NIE) on Iraq s Continuing Programs for Weapons of Muss Destruction, the Intelligence Community (IC) prepared several Community papers on Iraq's weapons of ... efforts to rebuild WMD and delivery system programs in the absence of weapons inspectors, as well as a review of what remains of the WMD arsenal and outstanding disarmament issues ... On Iraq's nuclear program, the IC also produced a Joint Atomic Energy Intelligence Committee (JAEIC) report in October 1997, Reconstitution ofI raq's Nuclear Weapons Program An Update (JAEIC 97-0 ...
Nuclear Weapons And Israel - Policy - Maintaining Nuclear Superiority
... efforts as well as covert action to prevent other Middle Eastern countries from acquiring nuclear weapons ... patent in the late 1970s to mislead Arab nuclear research ... behind the assassinations of an Egyptian nuclear engineer in Paris as well as two Iraqi engineers, all working for the Iraqi nuclear program ...
American Military Action Against Iran - Polls
... must stop countries like Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons, even if that means taking military action" ... was more important to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons, even if it means taking military action ... found 60% of Americans believed military force will be necessary to stop Iran from working on nuclear weapons In March 2012, a Reuters/Ipsos poll revealed that a majority of ...
Libya And Weapons Of Mass Destruction - Nuclear Program - Foreign Assistance - Soviet Union
... The Libyan nuclear program repeatedly suffered under mismanagement and loss of academic generation ... Known as the Tajura Nuclear Research Facility (TNRF), Libya conducted illegal uranium conversion experiments there ... An unnamed nuclear weapon state, whose name has been kept secret by the IAEA, also allegedly assisted Libya in these experiments ...

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