Nu Metal

Nu metal (also known as nĂ¼-metal, aggro-metal, neo-metal or new metal) is a subgenre of heavy metal. It is a fusion genre which combines elements of metal music with other genres, including grunge, hip hop, funk and industrial. It is classed as part of alternative metal.

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Snot (band) - Style
... Snot's music style contains elements of punk rock, heavy metal and funk ... They have been described as nu metal in Tommaso Iannini's book Nu metal, in Joel McIver's book Nu Metal The Next Generation of Rock Punk, in Tommy Udo's Brave Nu World and in The Guardian ... as a punk band in NME and in New Wave of American Heavy Metal by Garry Sharpe-Young ...
List Of Alternative Metal Artists
... This is a list of alternative metal bands and artists ... stage in their career played within the style of alternative metal, it also includes bands which have played within one of it's sub-genres such as nu metal, rap metal and funk metal ... Band Active Notes 10 Years Yes Also classed as post-grunge and progressive metal ...
Metal Archives - Accepted Bands - Bands Excluded By The Website
... Bands playing genres that are sometimes associated with extreme metal, such as grindcore and metalcore, are absent if they are seen to have more in common with punk than metal ... Some grindcore bands are accepted if they are more associated with death metal (e.g ... Glam metal is rejected if the website owners consider the band more hard rock than metal ...
Screaming (music) - Genres - Other Genres of Metal
... Genres such industrial metal, groove metal and alternative metal sometimes employs screaming ... Nu metal also includes shouting and rapping as well as various other styles of vocals ... American nu metal band Otep frontwoman Otep Shamaya is also known for her usage of death growls as well as high pitch screaming ...
Nu Metal - History - 2010s
... Despite the lesser radio play and popularity, some nu metal bands still gain commercial success ... This has led to some talk within the media of a possible nu metal revival ... Many cited this album as a new direction for nu metal, with the band taking influence from electronic music, most notably Dubstep ...

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