Noma may refer to:

  • NOMA (company)
  • Noma (disease)
  • Noma (restaurant)
  • NOMA, Manchester, a mixed-use development in England
  • Noma, Florida, United States
  • NoMa, Washington, D.C., United States
  • Noma pony
  • Noma Prize, a group of Japanese literary awards
  • New Orleans Museum of Art
  • Non-overlapping magisteria, a theory about science and religion
  • Noma, an iteration mark
  • "Noma, noma," a misheard refrain of the song "Dragostea din tei"

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... The two autonomous regions are 'Región Autónoma Atlántico Norte' and 'Región Autónoma Atlántico Sur', often referred to as RAAN and RAAS, respectively until they were ...
Christmas In The Post-War United States - Christmas Trees - Decorations - Lights
... incandescent novelty light, were invented by Carl Otis in 1935, who then sold the patents to the NOMA (National Outfit Manufacturer's Association) Electric Corporation ... NOMA launched the novelty lights on the Christmas market in 1946 when war shortages ended ... In 1955, NOMA manufactured flashing lights ...
Noma District, Ehime
... Noma (野間郡, Noma-gun?) was a District located in Eastern Iyo Province (now Ehime Prefecture) ...
Noma Literary Prize
... The Noma Literary Prize (Noma Bungei Shō) was established in 1941 by the Noma Service Association (Noma Hōkō Kai) in accordance with the last wishes of Noma ... The Noma Literary Prize has been awarded annually to an outstanding new work published in Japan between October and the following September ... The Noma Prize includes a commemorative plaque and a cash award of 3 million yen ...