Nissan Cima

The Nissan Cima is a large luxury sedan produced by Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. for the Japanese market. The car's name is derived from Spanish for "summit". The hood ornament uses an image of an acanthus leaf. The acanthus leaf was commonly used by classical Greeks to make a wreath for use as a crown.

The Cima has traditionally been Nissan's rival to the Toyota Crown Majesta. The Cima in the first two generations was a more luxurious and larger version of the Cedric and Gloria, with the Cima sharing the V8 engine from the President. Later generations of the Cima shared the same platform as the President, with the Cima being a shorter version; these iterations of the Cima were exported to the United States as the Infiniti Q45. The Q45 was discontinued after 2006, however the Cima and the President continued in production until August 2010, leaving the Nissan Fuga to become the lone flagship sedan.

The Nissan Cima was introduced in 1988 and was based on an elongated Cedric/Gloria chassis. With its phenomenal sales—about 64,000 units sold the first year and 120,000 in four years—the car became a symbol of the "bubble economy". To date the Nissan Cima has sold over 278,000 units.

Read more about Nissan CimaY31 : January 1988–August 1991, Y32 : August 1991–June 1996, Y33 : June 1996–January 2001, F50 : January 2001—August 2010, Y51 : April 2012–Present

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