Neutron Capture

Neutron capture is a nuclear reaction in which an atomic nucleus and one or more neutrons collide and merge to form a heavier nucleus. Since neutrons have no electric charge they can enter a nucleus more easily than positively charged protons, which are repelled electrostatically.

Neutron capture plays an important role in the cosmic nucleosynthesis of heavy elements. In stars it can proceed in two ways: as a rapid (r-process) or a slow process (s-process). Nuclei of masses greater than 56 cannot be formed by thermonuclear reactions (i.e. by nuclear fusion), but can be formed by neutron capture.

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Neutron Capture - Neutron Absorbers
... and removed The most important neutron absorber is 10boron as 10B4C in control rods, or boric acid as a coolant water additive in PWRs ... Other important neutron absorbers that are used in nuclear reactors are xenon, cadmium, hafnium, gadolinium, cobalt, samarium, titanium, dysprosium, erbium, europium, molybdenum and ytterbium all of which ... Hafnium absorbs neutrons avidly (Hf absorbs 600 times more than Zr), and it can be used in reactor control rods, whereas natural zirconium is practically ...
Fission Product Yield - Ordered By Thermal Neutron Neutron Absorption Cross Section
6.3333% iodine-135 135I → 135Xe 6996599999999900000 6.57 h Most important neutron poison neutron capture rapidly converts 135Xe to 136Xe remainder decays (9.14 h) to ...
Neutron Capture Nucleosynthesis
... Neutron capture nucleosynthesis describes two nucleosynthesis pathways the r-process and the s-process, for rapid and slow neutron captures, respectively ... R-process describes neutron capture in a region of high neutron flux, such as during supernova nucleosynthesis after core-collapse, and yields neutron-rich nuclides ... S-process describes neutron capture that is slow relative to the rate of beta decay, as for stellar nucleosynthesis in some stars, and yields nuclei with stable nuclear ...
Thorium Fuel Cycle - Nuclear Reactions With Thorium - Actinide Wastes
... In a reactor, when a neutron hits a fissile atom (such as certain isotopes of uranium), it either splits the nucleus or is captured and transmutes the atom ... When 233U absorbs a neutron, it either fissions or becomes 234U ... The chance of fissioning on absorption of a thermal neutron is about 92% the capture-to-fission ratio of 233U, therefore, is about 110 — which is ...

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