Nessus can have a number of meanings:

  • Nessus (mythology), a famous centaur from Greek mythology
  • The Tunic or Shirt of Nessus, the poisoned shirt of the centaur Nessus, in the story of Hercules
  • Nessus, an alternate name of Nestos (god), son of Oceanus and Tethys, and god of the river Nestos
  • Nessus (software), a computer security tool.
  • NESSUS Probabilistic Analysis Software, a computer-based probabilistic analysis tool for assessing uncertainties in structural and mechanical systems.
  • Nessus (Pierson's Puppeteer), an alien character in Larry Niven's Known Space books, of the species Pierson's Puppeteer
  • 7066 Nessus, a Centaur planetoid
  • Nessus, a fictional metropolis in Gene Wolfe's The Book of the New Sun, staggering in both its size and age
  • Nessus, a layer of Hell in Dungeons & Dragons

Other articles related to "nessus":

Shirt Of Nessus
... The Shirt of Nessus, Tunic of Nessus, Nessus-robe, or Nessus' shirt in Greek mythology was the poisoned shirt that killed Heracles ... with the tainted blood of the centaur Nessus that Deianeira, Hercules' wife, naïvely gave Hercules, burning him, and driving him to throw himself onto a ...
Louis Wu - Pre-Ringworld
... in Ringworld), Louis is found by a Pierson's Puppeteer named Nessus while working in a hospital in a rebel camp on Wunderland and severely addicted to pain ... Nessus is attempting to find members of Louis' family, but Louis reports them dead ... Desperate and hoping Louis has similar talents, Nessus recruits Louis with the understanding that his memory would be altered before his return to Known Space, he would be saved from the Civil ...
Poison Dress - Greek Mythology
... The Shirt of Nessus is the shirt smeared with the poisoned blood of the centaur Nessus, which was given to Hercules by Hercules' wife, Deianira ... Deianira had been tricked by Nessus into believing that his blood would ensure that Hercules would remain faithful ...