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Max Planck Institute For Medical Research - The Present
... behaviour emerges from the properties of molecules, cells and ensembles of cells ... One of the future activities of the institute will be to investigate nerve cells and their connections in the cerebral cortex that are responsible for the reception and processing ... Scientists are particularly interested in the nature of synapses, the contact points between nerve cells in the neural network ...
Colin Blakemore - Research
... He went on to show that such plasticity results from changes in the shape and structure of nerve cells and the distribution of nerve fibres, and also from the selective death of nerve cells ... The plasticity of connections between nerve cells is thought to underlie many different types of learning and memory, as well as sensory development ... and has identified some of the genes involved in enabling nerve cells to modify their connections in response to the flow of nerve impulses through them ...
Allan–Herndon–Dudley Syndrome
... transports a particular hormone into nerve cells in the developing brain ... T3 appears to be critical for the normal formation and growth of nerve cells, as well as the development of junctions between nerve cells (synapses) where cell-to-cell ... As a result, this protein is unable to transport T3 into nerve cells effectively ...
Heritability Of Autism - Candidate Gene Loci - Primary
... These genes encode neuronal cell-adhesion molecules, implicating these molecules in the mechanism of autism ... an intracellular signaling pathways that transmits signals from cell surfaces to interiors ... it a key element in chemical binding crucial to nerve cell communication ...
List Of Subjects In Gray's Anatomy: IX. Neurology - The Spinal Cord or Medulla Spinalis (Gray's s185) - Gray Substance - Gray's page #758
... Nerve cells in the Lateral column preganglionic fibers of the sympathetic system Nerve cells in the Posterior column dorsal nucleus (nucleus dorsalis ...

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