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Corporal - United Kingdom
... Corporal (Cpl) is the second rank of non-commissioned officer in the British Army and Royal Marines, falling between Lance-Corporal and Sergeant ... The badge of rank is a two-bar chevron (also known as "stripes", "tapes" or "hooks") ... Household Cavalry all non-commissioned ranks are designated as different grades of Corporal up to Regimental Corporal Major (who is a Warrant Officer class 1) ...
Midshipman - Other Countries
... Today, ranks equivalent to midshipman exist in many countries ... UK midshipman as the basis for comparison, the equivalent rank would be a naval cadet in training to become a junior commissioned officer ... Using post-fleet board UK midshipman for comparison, the rank would be the most junior commissioned officer in the rank structure, and similar to a US ensign in role and ...

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    Do not use your rank to degrade others, nor use your cleverness to deceive others.
    Chinese proverb.