Natural Proofs

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P Versus NP Problem - Results About Difficulty of Proof
... related to the P = NP problem has been in showing that existing proof techniques are not powerful enough to answer the question, thus suggesting that novel ... evidence for the difficulty of the problem, essentially all known proof techniques in computational complexity theory fall into one of the following classifications, each of which ... Most proofs (especially classical ones) apply uniformly in a world with oracles regardless of what the oracle does ...
Natural Proof
... In computational complexity theory, a natural proof is a certain kind of proof establishing that one complexity class differs from another one ... While these proofs are in some sense "natural", it can be shown (assuming a widely believed conjecture on the existence of pseudorandom functions) that no such proof can ... The notion of natural proofs was introduced by Alexander Razborov and Steven Rudich in their article Natural proofs, first presented in 1994, and later published in 1997, for ...

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