Nationally Accredited

Some articles on nationally accredited, accredited:

Corinthian Colleges - Accreditations
... All of the Everest campuses are nationally accredited except for Everest College Phoenix, which is a separate institution and regionally accredited ... Some regionally accredited schools are reluctant to accept nationally accredited school credits in transfer (or recognize their degrees for entry into graduate programs) ... used to have a policy requiring its member schools to deny credit transfer from nationally accredited schools ...
Transfer Credit - National To Regional Accreditation Transfer Issues
... Transferring credit from nationally accredited higher education institutions to institutions which have regional accreditation has proved particularly problematic ... Regionally accredited schools are generally non-profit and academically oriented ... Nationally accredited schools are predominantly for-profit and generally offer vocational, career or technical programs ...
For-profit Education - Accreditation and Transfer-of-credits
... Regionally accredited schools are predominantly academically oriented, non-profit institutions ... Nationally accredited schools are predominantly for-profit and offer vocational, career, or technical programs ... Many regionally accredited schools will not accept transfer credits earned at a nationally accredited school ...

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    The improved American highway system ... isolated the American-in-transit. On his speedway ... he had no contact with the towns which he by-passed. If he stopped for food or gas, he was served no local fare or local fuel, but had one of Howard Johnson’s nationally branded ice cream flavors, and so many gallons of Exxon. This vast ocean of superhighways was nearly as free of culture as the sea traversed by the Mayflower Pilgrims.
    Daniel J. Boorstin (b. 1914)