National Institute of Virology

National Institute Of Virology

The National Institute of Virology, Pune is India's Premier Virology Research institute, and one of the Translational science cells part of Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR). It was previously known as 'Virus Research Center' and was founded in collaboration with the Rockefeller Foundation. It has been designated as WHO H5 reference Laboratory for SE Asia region

The Virus Research Center (VRC), Pune came into existence in 1952 under the joint auspices of the ICMR and the Rockefeller Foundation, as a part of the global programme of investigations on the arthropod-borne group of viruses. In view of its expanded scope and activities, the VRC was redesignated as the National Institute of Virology (NIV) in 1978.

The NIV is identified today as the WHO Collaborating Center for arboviruses reference and hemorrhagic fever reference and research. NIV is also the National Monitoring Center for Influenza, Japanese encephalitis, Rota, Measles and Hepatitis.

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... Animal House Avian Influenza Group Bioinformatics Division BSL-3 Facility Central Library Facility Chandipura Group Dengue group Diagnostics Division Electron Microscopy Division Entomology Division Hepatitis group Influenza group Japanese Encephalitis Group Measles Group Outbreak Response Group Rota Group M.Sc.(Virology). ...

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