National Constituent Assembly

The National Constituent Assembly (French: Assemblée nationale constituante) was formed from the National Assembly on 17 June 1789, during the first stages of the French Revolution. It dissolved on 30 September 1791 and was succeeded by the Legislative Assembly.

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Aécio Neves - Political Career - Federal Deputy (1987-2002) - First Federal Deputy Term (1987-1990) and Membership in The Constituent Assembly (1987-1988)
... In his first term (1987–1990) he participated in the National Constituent Assembly (1987–1988) that drafted and approved of the country's new ... The National Constituent Assembly was composed of all the members of the National Congress (both senators and deputies), so that, although Congress and the Assembly were different bodies (Congress when ... in virtue of his election as a member of Congress, Neves also became, ex officio, a member of the Constituent Assembly charged with drafting a new Constitution for the country ...
President Of Austria - History of The Office
... empire's ethnically German provinces formed a Provisional National Assembly for their paralyzed rump state and appointed veteran party leader Karl Seitz ... of head of state according to a resolution of the National Assembly ... The assembly presidents (Seitz, Franz Dinghofer and Johann Nepomuk Hauser) continued to serve as acting heads of state until 4 March 1919, when the ...
National Constituent Assembly - Dissolution
... of a revolutionary two years, the National Constituent Assembly dissolved itself on 30 September 1791 ... following day the Constitution of 1791 went into effect, granting power to the Legislative Assembly ...
Abdirahman Farole - President of Puntland - Post-transition
... Senators as well as a lower house b) 30% of the National Constituent Assembly (NCA) is earmarked for women c) the President is to be appointed via a ... law is scheduled to be ratified by the National Constituent Assembly, with a plebiscite then expected to be held to render the bill permanent ... The National Constituent Assembly overwhelmingly passed the new constitution on August 1, with 96% voting for it, 2% against it, and 2% abstaining ...

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