Nasr Mahrous - The Star Maker

The Star Maker

In the late 1990s Nasr Mahrous started a series of compilations called Free Mix in which he released singles for each artist. In these compilations Nasr Mahrous discovered his own voice and sang two songs under a southern Egyptian nickname Hareedi singing in a southern Egyptian accent.

Bahaa, Sultan was another talent, Nasr loved his voice and it was he who named him 'Sultan", in the Arabic music world it means a Leader in singing. The single (Ehlef – Swear) was released in the first Free Mix compilation and was followed with a debut album in 1999 (Yalli Mashi – You who're Leaving) and another one in 2001 (Talat Da'aye'e – Three Minutes) and then (Oum Ou’af wenta betkalemni – Stand up when you talk to me) which became a funny slogan in the Arabic world. The latest album was (Kan Zaman – Once Upon a time) it included his hit single (Elwad Albo beyewga’oo – The Lad’s heart aches).

In early 2002 Nasr Mahrous challenged the world with two of the most famous voices in the Arab World. He released his 3rd Free Mix album, but this time it had just two artists, the Cassette's side A had Sherine and her hit (Ah Ya Leil- Oh Night) while Side B had Tamer Hosny with his (Habibi we Enta Ba'eed – Baby when You're away). The two songs were released at the same time as video clips and were on top of the charts as soon as they were released.

Sherine the short haired next door girl reach stardom after releasing two of her most successful albums (Garh Tani – Another wound) and (Lazem A'eesh – I must Live). Nasr Mahrous also directed six video clips. She was showered with offers from other music production companies so broke contract with Nasr Mahrous to move to another company in 2006.

The romantic young singer Tamer Hosni, released five albums (Hob - Love), (Enaya Bethebak- My Eyes love you), (ELganna Fi Beyotna – Paradis is in Our Houses), (Ya Bent El Eh- What a girl You are) and finally (Arrab Kaman- Get closer) which was the soundtrack of Nasr Mahrous' debut film in directing Captain Hima starring Tamer Hosni in 2008. Tamer broke off the contract to go to another company that would give him the space to make his own style of music.

Nasr Mahrous released the first album made especially for kids under the name Free Baby, it included eight songs, four of them sung by a group of kids from the conservatoire of Cairo, the video clip of (Baba Fen – Where’s your Dad?) was directed by Nasr Mahrous. Nasr Mahrous was invited by TV channels from Arab countries to talk about the phenomenon of (Baba Fen?) and group of kids "Free Baby".

Hareedi came out again in the album to sing two songs (Heb Baba, Heb Mama -Love your Dad, love your Mom) which its video was directed and acted by Nasr Mahrous at the same time, the other song was (Old Hareedi) which was inspired by the international folklore song (Old McDonald's).

Free mix 4 was released in 2004 to test the waters of a couple new young singers. Souma is a female artist with an extraordinary voice, she sings in Opera Aida and took her first chance to become a pop artist through a duet song with Bahaa Sultan (Elli Fe Eini- what's in my eyes). She released her debut album in 2006 (Eib Alek – Shame on you).

Diab has a powerful voice, and had one song in the compilation (Ghamazat – Dimples). It was amajor hit.

Nasr Mahrous signed with Haitham Shaker a young man with a romantic voice, the company released for him (Garh El-nas – Hurting others).

Early in 2010 Nasr Mahrous had a health collapse and was rushed to the hospital for an emergency colostomy surgery. Even while lying in the hospital he releasing the debut album of Diab by the name of "Elaaw" meaning "Boo".

About three months later Nasr Mahrous headed to the hospital for a Hartmann Colostomy reversal surgery. While in his hospital room he released Soma's 2nd album "Dah Habibi" meaning "That's my Lover".

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