Nabha (Punjabi:ਨਾਭਾ) is a city and municipal council in the Patiala district to the south-west of the Indian state of Punjab. In 1998, the annual income of Nabha state was Rs 1,50,000/-.

Coordinates: 30°22′N 76°09′E / 30.37°N 76.15°E / 30.37; 76.15Coordinates: 30°22′N 76°09′E / 30.37°N 76.15°E / 30.37; 76.15
Country India
State Punjab
District Patiala
Elevation 246 m (807 ft)
Population (2001)
• Total 61,953
• Official Punjabi
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
PIN 147201

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Nabha State
... Nabha State, with its capital at Nabha, was one of the Phulkian princely states of the Punjab ... The area around Amloh was taken by the chief of the Nabha — Hamir Singh ... In 1809, with the power of Ranjit Singh expanding, Nabha State fell under the protection of the East India Company ...
Ripudaman Singh - Maharaja
1911, Ripudaman Singh ascended the gadi of Nabha ... He also established a legislature and an executive council to govern Nabha ... In 1923, he was forced to relinquish control of Nabha to a British administrator after he was suspected of kidnapping and attempted murder through poisoning ...
Modern Nabha
... In 1947, Nabha formed a part of Patiala and East Punjab States Union (PEPSU) ... reorganization, Patiala was created as a district and Nabha formed a subdivision in Patiala District ... The modern Nabha is a thriving, if somewhat dusty town (about 30 kilometres from Patiala) ...
Pratap Singh Of Nabha
... Maharaja Pratap Singh of Nabha (21 September 1919-22 July 1995) was the last ruling Maharaja of Nabha ... The state of Nabha was merged into India in 1948 ...
Hira Singh Of Nabha - The Throne of Nabha
... In 1871, the line of the Phulkian dynasty which had ruled Nabha, a small 11-gun state, since 1718 became extinct upon the death from tuberculosis of the young Raja, Bhagwan Singh (1842–187 ... fixed upon Hira Singh as the successor to the Nabha gadi ... Hira Singh ascended the throne of Nabha on 9 June 1871 and began a long and successful reign that would usher Nabha into the modern era ...