Mystical Experience

Some articles on mystical experience, experience:

Michael Thalbourne - Research
... variables as belief in the paranormal, creative personality, mystical experience and psychopathology led him to describe this as a "common thread" linking these variables ... Thalbourne constructed a questionnaire which, as with Hood's M-Scale, assesses mystical experience called the Mystical Experience Scale ... He published a scale to assess the kundalini experience with the world-renowned expert on panic attacks, Bronwyn Fox ...
Hjalmar Sundén - Influence
... Sundén's role theory as applied to mystical experience is discussed by Wulff (2000) ... people were undergoing Zen training were more likely to report a mystical experience if they had a religious frame of reference ... of Sunden's role theory, noting how it fails to explain how mystical experience arises in the first place ...

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