My Sims Party - Gameplay - Nintendo DS Version

Nintendo DS Version

The Nintendo DS version of MySims Party takes place in a run-down town with the player tasked with the job of bring residents into the island. This is accomplished by playing minigames for the locals who lives in your town and after you're done with a certain festival you earn stars. Players collect stars to unlock other parts of town as well as new minigames and new items in stores. As more stars are collected, the town grows and mini games are unlocked.

You can also interact with tourist and residents. You can play certain minigames and depends how you do, you unlock them as a playable character. You can also change your Sim's style in any different way in the wardrobe and you can store items in the drawer. Unlike other games in The Sims franchise, Sims do not have needs or wants but sleeping can be optional.

The Nintendo DS version of MySims supports touch screen and microphone functionality. The touch screen is used for talking and movement as well as placing and moving houses or furniture. Other buttons may control specific tasks such as taking photos or initiating conversation. This version also features a number of mini games.

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