My Homies - Samples


  • "Southside: Houston, Texas
    • "West Coast Poplock" by Ronnie Hudson & The Street People
  • "The Geto"
    • "Ghetto: Misfortune's Wealth" by The 24-Carat Black
  • "Homies & Thuggs (Remix)"
    • "Friends" by Whodini

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... Samples with lower doping (and hence lower Tc) are generally referred to as underdoped while those with excess doping (also lower Tc) are overdoped ... pressure generally raises Tc in underdoped samples to values that well exceed the maximum at ambient pressure ... The upper critical field, Hc2, in Bi-2212 polycrystalline samples at 4.2 K has been measured as 200±25 T (cf 168±26 T for YBCO polycrystalline samples) ...
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    Good government cannot be found on the bargain-counter. We have seen samples of bargain-counter government in the past when low tax rates were secured by increasing the bonded debt for current expenses or refusing to keep our institutions up to the standard in repairs, extensions, equipment, and accommodations. I refuse, and the Republican Party refuses, to endorse that method of sham and shoddy economy.
    Calvin Coolidge (1872–1933)