Mutual Forgiveness

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Sacrament Of Confession - Christianity - Eastern Orthodoxy and Eastern Catholicism
... of general confession, (or manifest contrition), referred to as the rite of "Mutual Forgiveness" ... The priest will make a prostration before all and ask their forgiveness for sins committed in act, word, deed, and thought ... God may forgive him, and then they in turn all prostrate themselves and ask the priest's forgiveness ...

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    You can’t change what happened between you and your ex-spouse, but you can change your attitude about it. Forgiveness doesn’t mean that what your ex did was right or that you condone what he or she did; it simply means that you no longer want to hold a grudge. Forgiveness is not a gift for the other person; it is a purely selfish act that allows you to put the past behind you.
    Stephanie Marston (20th century)

    Nature’s law says that the strong must prevent the weak from living, but only in a newspaper article or textbook can this be packaged into a comprehensible thought. In the soup of everyday life, in the mixture of minutia from which human relations are woven, it is not a law. It is a logical incongruity when both strong and weak fall victim to their mutual relations, unconsciously subservient to some unknown guiding power that stands outside of life, irrelevant to man.
    Anton Pavlovich Chekhov (1860–1904)