Multilevel Models

Some articles on multilevel models:

Applications of Multilevel Models - Uses of Multilevel Models
... Multilevel models have been used in education research or geographical research, to estimate separately the variance between pupils within the same school, and the variance between schools ... In sociological applications, multilevel models are used to examine individuals embedded within regions or countries ...
Multilevel Model - Statistical Power
... Statistical power for multilevel models differs depending on whether it is level 1 or level 2 effects that are being examined ... with sufficient power, large sample sizes are required in multilevel models ... The issue of statistical power in multilevel models is complicated by the fact that power varies as a function of effect size and intraclass correlations, it differs for fixed effects versus ...
MLwi N
... MLwiN is a statistical software package for fitting multilevel models ... MLwiN represents multilevel models using mathematical notation including Greek letters and multiple subscripts, so the user needs to be (or become) familiar with such notation ... For a tutorial introduction to multilevel models and their applications in medical statistics illustrated using MLwiN, see Goldstein et al ...

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