Mountain Communities of The Tejon Pass

The Mountain Communities of the Tejon Pass, or the Frazier Mountain Communities, in the San Emigdio Mountains is a region of California that includes Lebec, Frazier Park, Lake of the Woods, Pinon Pines, and Pine Mountain Club, in Kern County, Gorman in Los Angeles County and Lockwood Valley within Kern and Ventura counties They are all within or near the Tejon Pass, which links Southern California with the San Joaquin Valley. Also sometimes included within the communities are Cuddy Valley, Grapevine, Neenach and New Cuyama.

Although the communities are divided among three counties (four, if New Cuyama, which is in Santa Barbara County, is included), they are tied together by the local newspaper, the Mountain Enterprise, the Mountain Communities Chamber of Commerce, and the Ridge Route Communities Museum and Historical Society. All the communities are unincorporated areas, and all are served by their respective county agencies, such as sheriff's departments and county fire departments.

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