Mount Meager

Mount Meager, originally known as Meager Mountain, is a volcanic massif in the Pacific Ranges of the Coast Mountains in southwestern British Columbia, Canada. Part of the Cascade Volcanic Arc of western North America, it is located 150 km (93 mi) north of Vancouver at the northern end of the Pemberton Valley. Its maximum elevation is 2,680 m (8,790 ft), and is capped by several eroded volcanic edifices, including lava domes, volcanic plugs and overlapping piles of lava flows. These form at least six major summits, including Mount Meager proper which is the second highest of the massif.

The Garibaldi Volcanic Belt (GVB) has a long history of eruptions and poses a threat to the surrounding region. Any volcanic hazard—ranging from landslides to eruptions—could pose a significant risk to humans and wildlife. Even though Mount Meager has not erupted for over 2,000 years, it could again produce a major eruption; if this were to happen, relief efforts would be quickly organized. Teams such as the Interagency Volcanic Event Notification Plan (IVENP) are prepared to notify people threatened by volcanic eruptions.

Mount Meager is the site of the largest volcanic eruption in Canada in the past 10,000 years. About 2,400 years ago, an explosive eruption formed a volcanic crater on its northeastern flank and sent avalanches of hot ash, rock fragments and volcanic gases down the northern flank of the volcano. Evidence for more recent volcanic activity has been documented at the volcano, such as hot springs and earthquakes. Mount Meager has also been the source for several large landslides in the past, including a massive debris flow in 2010 that swept down Meager Creek and the Lillooet River.

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