Mortar Carrier

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M1129 Mortar Carrier
... The M1129 Mortar Carrier, is a 8×8 wheeled armored mortar carrier of the Stryker family of combat vehicles produced by General Dynamics Land Systems ...
Variants Of The M113 Armored Personnel Carrier - United States
... M58 The Wolf Smoke Generator Carrier can produce 90 minutes of visual and 30 minutes of infrared screens ... XM106/M106 Self-propelled Mortar carrier with 107 mm (4.2 inch) M30 mortar firing through large, circular roof hatch in hull rear ... M125 Mortar carrier similar to M106, but with 81 mm M29 mortar ...
M113 Armored Personnel Carrier - Derivatives
... M106 A mortar carrier armed with an M30 mortar mounted on a turntable in the rear troop compartment ... The mortar could be fired from the vehicle, but could also be fired dismounted ... Today, the US Army mortar carrier is the M1064A3, an M106 upgraded to A3 standard armed with an M121 120 mm mortar, a variant of the M120 mortar ...

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