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Current Availability

There are currently no plans for an official North American re-release. However, the short films "Come Together", "Speed Demon", "Leave Me Alone" and "Smooth Criminal" appeared in a DVD box set of Michael Jackson videos titled Michael Jackson's Vision. The set only featured the sequences from "Smooth Criminal", "Speed Demon", "Come Together" and "Leave Me Alone" as opposed to the entire short film.

Moonwalker was released on a region-free Blu-ray in the UK in June 2010 by Warner Bros. This Blu-ray version contained a new remastered transfer, and a DTS-HD Master Audio soundtrack. It is unknown if this was truly a transfer from film or if it was upscaled from the DVD version. However, the release has been censored, with the scenes of Mr. Big hitting Katie and threatening to inject her with heroin cut. It is also cropped to 16:9 from the home release's 4:3 aspect ratio, although the European theatrical release was originally in widescreen, which may possibly mean that the cropped version is how the film was intended to be seen (see open matte). Currently, the film can be bought as region-free third-party DVDs on eBay. However, some of the DVDs found on eBay contain several typos and errors on the DVD cover. Since the DVD release was from a PAL region, playback speed and pitch is slightly faster, a result of converting 24p into 25p (see telecine).

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