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... neighborhood in Ottawa, Ontario United States Mechanicsville, Alabama Mechanicsville, Connecticut (multiple) Mechanicsville, Delaware Mechanicsville (Atlanta ...
Peruvian Army - Equipment - Artillery
... Name Type Version Quantity Origin Notes M46 130 mm gun M46 36 USSR OTO Melara Mod 105 ... mm pack howitzer M56 24 Italy D30 122 mm howitzer D30 Lyagushka 36 USSR M101 howitzer 105 mm howitzer M-2A1 75 United States ...
People's Liberation Army Ground Force - Vehicles - Rocket Artillery
... BP-12A AR3 – 300 mm AR1A – 300 mm AR2 – 300 mm SY-400 – strategic MLRS, first unveiled at the 2008 Zhuhai Airshow WS-3 WS-2 WS-1 and WS-1B – an 8 and ...
Argentine Army - Equipment - Artillery Systems - Self-propelled Artillery
... TAM variant carrying a 120mm AM-50 mortar AMX Mk F3 Self-propelled howitzer 24 France 155 mm gun on AMX-13 hull VCA Palmaria Self-propelled howitzer 19 Argentina/ Italy 155 mm gun ... mated to a modified TAM hull SLAM PAMPERO Multiple rocket launcher 4 Argentina 105 mm multiple rocket launcher mounted on a Unimog truck SLAM SAPBA Multiple rocket launcher 50 ...
List Of Artillery By Country - Argentina
... Field artillery CITEFA Model 77 Cold War / Modern 155 mm gun/howitzer, based on the French 155mm gun mounted on AMX Mk F3 SP gun CALA 155 ... mm L45 long range gun Self-propelled field artillery VCA 155 self-propelled ...

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    ... the generation of the 20’s was truly secular in that it still knew its theology and its varieties of religious experience. We are post-secular, inventing new faiths, without any sense of organizing truths. The truths we accept are so multiple that honesty becomes little more than a strategy by which you manage your tendencies toward duplicity.
    Ann Douglas (b. 1942)