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SAS (Action Force) - Vehicles, Weaponry and Armour - First Release
... with a dual 7.62 mm machine gun and was capable of towing the Mobile Missile System (below) Mobile Missile System – a mobile surface-to-air missile battery ... with a character to operate it, the MMS was provided with three large Patriot missiles attached to a wheeled unit, capable of being towed by the SAS Panther jeep ... Joe multi-missile system ...
Type 96 Multi-Purpose Missile System
... The Type 96 Multi-Purpose Missile System (96式多目的誘導弾システム?) is an Anti-tank/Landing craft missile used by the Japanese army as JGSDF ... It is the first Japanese missile system that uses a complete digitally controlled interface ...
Delta III Class Submarine - History
... During construction the new D-9R missile system was integrated into the Delta II hull without any changes in other equipment ... Then tests of the new missile system were started in the White and Barents seas 22 missiles were launched (4 x R-29PL, 6 x R-29R, 12 x R-29RK) and the missile system was commissioned in September 1978 ... An upgraded missile system, D-9R, with lightly modified R-29R missiles, was delivered from 1987 to 1990 ...
List Of Russian Navy Cruisers - Kuznetsov Class
... main strike armament is long-range antiship cruise missiles and the air wing is intended for defensive purposes ... The ship has a Granit anti-ship missile system equipped with 12 surface-to-surface missile launchers ... The air defence gun and missile system includes the Klinok / SA-N-9 Gauntlet air defence missile system with 24 vertical launchers and 192 surface-to-air ...
Military Equipment Of Greece - Land Vehicles and Heavy Armament - Air Defense Systems
... Air Defense - Missile Systems 42 MIM-23B Improved HAWK - Phase III PIP 7 batteries x 6 missile launchers each Medium range 21 TOR-M1 39 SA-8 Gecko 54 ASRAD-HELLAS With 426 FIM-92 Stinger Block 1 missiles ... Stinger-POST Stinger Block 1 MANPADS Air Defense - Gun Systems 506 ZU-23-2 2x 23x152 mm (B) 285 Mk20 RH-202 2x 20x139 mm Air Defense - Radar 3 Casta 2E1 ... A modular missile system featuring high firepower for day and night operation, each ASRAD-HELLAS weapon system carries four ready-to-fire Stinger missiles and ...

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