Mirage - Heat Haze

Heat Haze

Heat haze, also called heat shimmer, refers to the distortive effect experienced when viewing objects through a layer of heated air, for example across hot asphalt or through the exhaust gases produced by jet engines.

Convection causes the temperature and hence the refractive index of the air to vary, and so a blurred shimmering effect is produced which affects the ability to resolve objects, the effect being increased when the image is magnified through a telescope or telephoto lens.

Heat Haze is not related to the atmospheric phenomenon of haze.

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Famous quotes containing the words haze and/or heat:

    But before the extremity of the Cape had completely sunk, it appeared like a filmy sliver of land lying flat on the ocean, and later still a mere reflection of a sand-bar on the haze above. Its name suggests a homely truth, but it would be more poetic if it described the impression which it makes on the beholder.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    As in hoary winter’s night stood shivering in the snow,
    Surprised I was with sudden heat which made my heart to glow;
    And lifting up a fearful eye to view what fire was near,
    A pretty Babe all burning bright did in the air appear;
    Robert Southwell (1561?–1595)