Mir Akbar Ali Khan Sikander Jah, Asaf Jah III - Birth


He was born in Chow Mahalla in the Khilwath palace, the second son of Asaf Jah II and Tahniat un-nisa Begum. Issue ten sons and nine Daughters, among are 1.Mir Farqunda Ali khan Siddiqi (Naser Ud Daula), 2.Mir Basheer Uddin Ali Khan Sham Samul Mulk or Samsamad Daula, 3.Zulfakir ul Mulk Zulfakir ud Daula 4.Mir Gawhar Ali Khan (Mubariz Ud Daula) 5.Saif Ul Mulk Mir Taffazul Ali Khan 6. Munawar ud Daula Mir Munawar Ali Khan. 7.Jahandar Jah Mir Faiyaz Ali Khan Baber Jang. 8. Qutub ud Daula Mir Mahmud Ali Khan 9.Qamar ul Mulk Qamar ud Daula Mir Dilawar Ali Khan Sarwar Jung. 10.Muzafar Ul Mulk Muzafar ud Daula Mir Fateh Ali Khan Dilear Jung.

Shazada Nawab Mir Tafazul Ali Khan Mir Badesha (Saif-ul-mulk) only son of sikander jah nizam III born with wife Jahan Parwar Begum Sahiba (Haji Begum) daughter of Nawab Saif Ul Mulk (Maali Mian) son of Arastu Jah(was the prime minister during the Asaf jah III).

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