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Life With Father (film) - Cast
... - John Day Heather Wilde - Annie - 1st maid Monte Blue - The Policeman Mary Field - Nora - 2nd maid Clara Blandick - Miss Wiggins, the Maid Service Employment Agent ...
Minute Maid - Products - Philippines
... Minute Maid Pulpy Orange, with real pulp bits Minute Maid Pulpy Mango-Orange, with real pulp bits Minute Maid Pulpy Four Seasons, with real pulp bits ...
Sheila Maid
... A Sheila Maid, sometimes Sheila's Maid, is the British name for a ceiling mounted clothes and laundry airer ... In the North of England it is often known as a creel, and in United States as a Kitchen Maid ...
Maid Sama!
... Maid Sama!, known in Japan as Kaichō wa Maid-sama! (会長はメイド様!?, lit ... The President is a Maid!), is a shōjo manga series by Hiro Fujiwara ... publisher Tokyopop announced its various newly licensed series and that Kaichō wa Maid-sama! would be titled Maid-sama! ...
Maid - In Popular Culture
... representations of the lives of several types of maid was seen in the 1970s television drama Upstairs, Downstairs, set in England between 1903 and 1930 ... Another representation of the lives of maids is seen nowadays in Downton Abbey, set in England between 1912 and 1920 ...

Famous quotes containing the words minute and/or maid:

    You don’t want a general houseworker, do you? Or a traveling companion, quiet, refined, speaks fluent French entirely in the present tense? Or an assistant billiard-maker? Or a private librarian? Or a lady car-washer? Because if you do, I should appreciate your giving me a trial at the job. Any minute now, I am going to become one of the Great Unemployed. I am about to leave literature flat on its face. I don’t want to review books any more. It cuts in too much on my reading.
    Dorothy Parker (1893–1967)

    And oh! if my young babe were born,
    And set upon the nurse’s knee,
    And I my self were dead and gone
    For a maid again I’ll never be.
    Unknown. Waly, Waly (l. 37–40)