Minority Government

A minority government or a minority cabinet is a cabinet of a parliamentary system formed when a political party or coalition of parties does not have a majority of overall seats in the parliament but is sworn into government to break a Hung Parliament election result. It is also known as a minority parliament. In bicameral parliaments, the term relates to the situation in the chamber whose confidence is considered most crucial.

In general, a minority government tends to be less stable than a majority government, because the opposition can always bring down the government with a simple vote of no confidence.

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Lynne Yelich
... of the 38th Parliament, which ended the 17 month minority government of Prime Minister Paul Martin, Lynne Yelich was cited by Carol Goar as a Member of ... Subsequent to the election of the Conservative minority government in 2006, Yelich was appointed by Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper as the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Human Resources and ... by Prime Minister Stephen Harper following the re-election of the Conservative minority government in 2008 ...
Rob Oakeshott - Federal Parliament - Second Term – Support For Minority Government
... neither Labor nor the Liberal/National Coalition having enough members to form government on their own, he became one of a number of independents whose support was sought by both sides in a bid to form a ... Oakeshott expressed his desire to establish stable government and raised concerns that a 76-seat government was "a by-election away from trouble" and, to avoid this, he proposed the ... If no stable government capable of governing for the full three-year term could be formed, he recommended that the government should call a new election ...
Tony Rundle - Government
... During Rundle's minority government unemployment rose and the state economy struggled ... on lack of investment in the state for fear of minority government ... In his government Rundle granted the Greens offices, staff and more parliamentary resources ...
Minority Government - Coalitions and Alliances - Wales
... Welsh Labour Party led by Rhodri Morgan initially formed a minority government in the Welsh Assembly ... Election, Welsh Labour won 30 seats and entered into a new government, with a minority of 0 ...
Liberals (Canada) - History - 20th Century - Liberals Under Chrétien
... to overcome a large amount of antipathy toward Mulroney, they won a strong majority government with 177 seats—the third-best performance in party history, and their best since 1949 ... As a result, it is very difficult to form even a minority government without substantial support in Ontario and/or Quebec ... No party has ever formed a majority government without winning the most seats in either Ontario or Quebec ...

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    If private men are obliged to perform the offices of government, to protect the weak and dispense justice, then the government becomes only a hired man, or clerk, to perform menial or indifferent services.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    A minority is powerless while it conforms to the majority; it is not even a minority then; but it is irresistible when it clogs by its whole weight.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)