Minkowski (Hebrew: מינקובסקי‎, Russian: Минковский) is a surname, and may refer to:

  • Eugène Minkowski (1885 - 1972), French psychiatrist
  • Hermann Minkowski (1864 - 1909) Russian-born German mathematician and physicist, known for:
    • Minkowski addition
    • Minkowski–Bouligand dimension
    • Minkowski diagram
    • Minkowski distance
    • Minkowski functional
    • Minkowski inequality
    • Minkowski space
      • Null vector (Minkowski space)
    • Minkowski plane
    • Minkowski's theorem
    • Minkowski's question mark function
    • Abraham–Minkowski controversy
    • Hasse–Minkowski theorem
    • Minkowski separation theorem
    • Smith–Minkowski–Siegel mass formula
  • Marc Minkowski (born 1962), French conductor
  • Oskar Minkowski (1858 - 1931), German physician
  • Rudolph Minkowski (1895 - 1976), German-American astronomer
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Alexandre Minkowski
... Alexandre Minkowski (December 5, 1915, Paris – May 7, 2004) was a French pediatrician, and arguably the French physician who most influenced neonatology in the 20th century ... He was the son of Eugene Minkowski and Françoise Minkowska, two Jewish psychiatrists ...
Minkowski Distance - Definition
... The Minkowski distance of order p between two points is defined as For, the Minkowski distance is a metric as a result of the Minkowski inequality ... Minkowski distance is typically used with p being 1 or 2 ... we obtain the Chebyshev distance Similarly, for p reaching negative infinity, we have The Minkowski distance can also be viewed as a multiple of the power mean of ...
Special Relativity (alternative Formulations) - Minkowski Spacetime
... Minkowski space (or Minkowski spacetime) is a mathematical setting in which special relativity is conveniently formulated ... Minkowski space is named for the German mathematician Hermann Minkowski, who around 1907 realized that the theory of special relativity (previously ... number of ways in which the four-dimensions of Minkowski spacetime are commonly represented as a four-vector with 4 real coordinates, as a four-vector with 3 real ...
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... to the sick bay, where a man named Minkowski is strapped to a bed because he is experiencing similar problems ... Minkowski explains that someone sabotaged the radio room two days earlier and that Desmond's ex-girlfriend Penny Widmore (Sonya Walger) has been trying to ... In 2004, Sayid, Desmond, and Minkowski escape the sick bay and begin to repair the broken communications equipment ...