Ministers For Racial, Social and Economic Justice

The Ministers for Racial, Social and Economic Justice (MRS EJ) are an association of Christian ministers that actively pursues political resolution of Racial, Social and Economic Justice issues. MRS EJ is the clergy component of the African-American historically under represented peoples of the United Church of Christ. Although it operates separately from United Black Christians, the lay component of the African-American historically under represented peoples, the two entities do sometimes work together on pronouncements within the UCC.

According to their web page, they are a group that seeks to "address racial justice, within the structure of the church and within the world, to focus on economic justice, noting that economic denial is one facet of racism, and to give voice and power to the many social issues where people are denied justice."

The organization has been involved in the anti-war movement in opposition to the invasion of Iraq and its National President, Rev. Graylan Hagler, was featured as a peace movement leader in the Martin Sheen-narrated documentary film Finding Our Voices: Stories of American Dissent".

In addition to peace-related activities, MRSEJ was also in the news in September 2005 for calling upon the U.S. Congress to censure President George W. Bush for his mishandled response to Hurricane Katrina.

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