Minimax (TV Channel)

Minimax is a Central European cartoon channel which has been broadcast in Hungary since 1999; Romania since 2001; Czech Republic and Slovakia since 2003 and Serbia since 2007. Earlier, since 1999 - 2004 it has been broadcast in Poland. In Hungary, as of April, 2007, it timeshares the channel slot with Animax (anime) after 8 PM. Former TV channels which timeshared with Minimax includes MusicMax (music videos, now MusicMix), Game One (video games), later iTV (video games), and m+ (entertainment, now Cool TV).

The main policy goals of Minimax are: edutainment, non-violence, brand new shows and local classics. These policy goals have meant that the channel is much appreciated by younger children and their parents.

Cartoons that have been broadcast are: Geronimo Stilton, Redwall, Spartakus and the Sun Beneath the Sea, Barbie movies, Animalia, The Secret World of Benjamin Bear, Bindi the Jungle Girl, Thomas and Friends, Toad Patrol, Play with Me Sesame Mary-Kate and Ashley in Action and My little Pony Friendship is Magic.