Milton Keynes Grid Road System

The Milton Keynes grid road system is a network of national speed limit, fully landscaped routes that form the top layer of the street hierarchy for both for private and public transport in Milton Keynes, (ceremonial) Buckinghamshire. The system is unique in the United Kingdom for its innovative use of street hierarchy principles: the grid roads run in between districts rather than through them. These facilitates the higher speed limits due to the absence of buildings close to the roads. High-speed motor traffic is segregated from pedestrian and leisure cycling traffic, which uses the alternative Milton Keynes redway system. All grid junctions are roundabouts, which are efficient at moving cars but disadvantageous to buses and HGVs.

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Milton Keynes Grid Road System - Grid System Expansion
... Despite the new expansion of Milton Keynes not following the grid principle, several new extensions are planned to the grid network ... They are listed below in numerical order, listing H-roads first ... link-up The land for this has been reserved since the 1970 Plan for Milton Keynes ...

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