Military Police Corps (Israel)

Military Police Corps (Israel)

The Military Police Corps of the Israel Defense Forces (Hebrew: חֵיל הַמִּשְׁטָרָה הַצְּבָאִית, Heil HaMishtara HaTzva'it) is the Israeli military police and provost. The military police serves the Manpower Directorate during peace time, and the Technological and Logistics Directorate during war.

The military police is a brigade-sized of about 4,500, headed by Brigadier General Meir Ohana. It is responsible for various law enforcement duties, including aiding IDF commanders in enforcing discipline, guarding the military prisons, locating deserters, investigating crimes committed by soldiers, and helping man the Israeli checkpoints in the Palestinian territories.

The corps puts an emphasis on discipline and follows the principle of A Choice in Life, which says no to traffic accidents, narcotics, alcohol, suicide and improper use of weapons.

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Military Police Corps (Israel) - Public Image and Relations With Other Units
... The militarypolice has been suffering from a negative public image almost since its inception, mostly for reporting on soldiers for minor misconducts which cause their ... The corpss deterrence power has weakened however, together with the overall level of discipline in the IDF, although there is no proof of a link between the two ... In 2007, militarypolicemen (in all sectors) suffered 64 physical attacks – 53 on duty, and 11 off-duty ...

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