Militant Labour

The Socialist Party is a Trotskyist political party in England and Wales. The Socialist Party was founded in 1991 as Militant Labour, its members having previously been organised as the Militant tendency within the Labour Party. A minority of Militant supporters opposed the setting up of an independent party and remained within the Labour Party as Socialist Appeal. In 1997 the party adopted its current name, although in elections it fields candidates as Socialist Alternative, due to the right to stand under the name Socialist Party being held by the Socialist Party of Great Britain. The Socialist Party has held council seats in several areas of Britain but has never had any elected MPs, although prominent Militant supporters Dave Nellist, and the late Pat Wall and Terry Fields, were elected to parliament as Labour MPs prior to the formation of the party.

The Socialist Party is registered with the United Kingdom Electoral Commission, however, it is active only in England and Wales, with sister parties active in Scotland and Northern Ireland. The party is a member of the Committee for a Workers' International and the European Anti-Capitalist Left.

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... In April 1991 the Militant tendency decided to support the setting up of Scottish Militant Labour, an independent organisation in Scotland, which was to see the election of Tommy Sheridan, the ... At the same time, the Militant tendency decided to support independent Broad Left candidates in Liverpool standing against the official Labour Party ... and the Broad Left decided to stand Militant supporter Lesley Mahmood as the candidate of "Real Labour" ...
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... The Socialist Party was formerly the Militant tendency of the Labour Party, grouped around the Militant newspaper, which was founded in 1964 and described itself as the "Marxist ... In the 1980s, the Militant tendency was dominant in the Labour group of Liverpool City Council, which came into conflict with the Conservative-led central government over its finances, and in the All-Britain Anti-Pol ... Militant's battles in Liverpool and against the poll tax involved defiance of what it regarded as iniquitous laws ...
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... Supporters of the No2EU electoral challenge entered discussions on a continued electoral alliance and in January 2010, the formation of the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) was announced in time to contest the 2010 general election ... Unlike No2EU, the RMT is not formally backing the coalition but Bob Crow, the RMT leader, serves on its steering committee ...

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    The habits of our whole species fall into three great classes—useful labour, useless labour, and idleness. Of these the first only is meritorious; and to it all the products of labor rightfully belong; but the two latter, while they exist, are heavy pensioners upon the first, robbing it of a large portion of its just rights. The only remedy for this is to, as far as possible, drive useless labour and idleness out of existence.
    Abraham Lincoln (1809–1865)

    Let us pray for the whole state of Christ’s Church Militant here in earth.
    Book Of Common Prayer, The. Holy Communion, “Prayer for the Church Militant,” (1662)