Miers may refer to:

  • Anthony Miers (1906–1985), WWII Royal Navy officer
  • Earl Schenck Miers (1910–1972), American historian
  • Edward J. Miers (1851–1930), English zoologist
  • Harriet Miers (born 1945), American lawyer and failed Supreme Court nominee
  • Henry Miers (1858–1942), British mineralogist
  • John Miers (artist) (1756–1821), British artist
  • John Miers (botanist) (1789–1879), British botanist
  • Robert W. Miers (1848–1930), U.S. Representative from Indiana
  • Thomasina Miers (born 1976), English cook, writer and television presenter
  • Miers, Lot, a commune in France

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