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Wound Care

Microplasma that is sustained near room temperature can destroy bacteria, viruses, and fungi deposited on the surfaces of surgical instruments and medical devices. Researchers discovered that bacteria cannot survive in the harsh environment created by microplasmas. They consist of chemically reactive species such as hydroxyl (OH) and atomic oxygen (O) that can kill harmful bacteria through oxidation. Oxidation of the lipids and proteins that compose a cell’s membrane can lead to the breakdown of the membrane and deactivate the bacteria. Microplasma can contact skin without harming it, making it ideal for disinfecting wounds. “Medical plasmas are said to be in the ‘Goldilocks’ range—hot enough to produce and be an effective treatment, but cold enough to leave tissues unharmed” (Larousi, Kong 1). Researchers have found that microplasmas can be applied directly to living tissues to deactivate pathogens. Scientists have also discovered that microplasmas stop bleeding without damaging healthy tissue, disinfect wounds, accelerate wound healing, and selectively kill some types of cancer cells. At moderate doses, microplasmas can destroy pathogens. At low doses, they can accelerate the replication of cells—an important step in the wound healing process. The ability of microplasma to kill bacteria cells and accelerate the replication of healthy tissue cells is known as the “plasma kill/plasma heal” process, this led scientists to further experiment with the use of microplasmas for wound care. Preliminary tests have also demonstrated successful treatments of some types of chronic wounds.

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