Micro ATX

Micro ATX

microATX (sometimes referred to as µATX, mATX or uATX) is a standard for motherboards that was introduced in December 1997. The maximum size of a microATX motherboard is 244 mm × 244 mm (9.6 in × 9.6 in), but some microATX boards can be as small as 171.45 mm × 171.45 mm (6.75 in × 6.75 in). The standard ATX size is 25% longer, at 305 mm × 244 mm (12 in × 9.6 in).

Currently available microATX motherboards support CPUs from VIA, Intel or AMD.

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... Most modern ATX motherboards have five or more PCI or PCI-Express expansion slots, while microATX boards typically have only four (four being the maximum ... years, however, it is common even for ATX boards to integrate all these components, as much of this functionality is contained in the typical northbridge/southbridge pair ... and adoption of microATX has increased even to be used in ATX cases ...