MFM may refer to:

  • Mobile file management, a type of information technology (IT) software that allows businesses to manage transfers and storage of corporate files and other related items on a mobile device
  • Heart Wirral, a Birkenhead (UK)-based local radio station, formerly known as MFM 97.1
  • the IATA airport code for Macau International Airport
  • Magnetic force microscope
  • Male-Female-Male, in a threesome with the woman as the center of attention
  • Marc Frank Montoya, professional snowboarder
  • Marcher Sound, a UK radio station broadcasting to Wrexham and Chester, formerly known as MFM 103.4
  • Marine fuel management
  • Maternal-fetal medicine, the subspeciality of obstetrics that deals with high risk pregnancies.
  • MFM 92.6, a South African radio station based at Stellenbosch University
  • Modified Frequency Modulation, a line code used by most floppy disk formats, and formerly common with hard drives
  • Mountain of Fire and Miracles
  • Movement for the Progress of Madagascar
  • Multifunctional Monitor, a Monitor designed to be used with a variety of external video sources
  • Melodies from Mars, an unreleased album by Richard David James under his pseudonym Afx
  • Material Flow Management, a method of efficiently managing materials

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Modified Frequency Modulation - Coding
... As is standard when discussing hard drive encoding schemes, FM and MFM encodings produce a bit stream which is NRZI encoded when written to disk ... the bits will have to be "wider" and fewer sectors will fit each track Both FM and MFM encodings can also be thought of as having data bits separated by clock bits, but with different rules for encoding the ... The basic encoding rule for MFM is that (x, y, z...) encodes to (x, x NOR y, y, y NOR z, z, z NOR...) ...
Material Flow Management
... Material flow management (MFM) is a method of efficiently managing materials ... This triple jump of environmental, social and economical orientation makes MFM a tool of high importance in the field of Sustainable Development (SD) and Circular Economy (CE) ... MFM was established as a policy tool after the UN conference in Rio de Janeiro 1992 ...
List Of Floppy Disk Formats - Known Disk Logical Formats
10 100 ... KB 300 FM 200 ... KB double 160 ... KB MFM 320 ... KB 640 ... KB 3½ in (90 mm) double 640 ... KB 300 MFM 800 ... KB high 10 ...
Mountain Of Fire And Miracles - Beliefs
... MFM is a Christian church ... General overseer, Daniel Olukoya describes MFM as "a do-it-yourself Gospel ministry where your hands are trained to wage war and your fingers to do battle, in prayers and supplication" ... is reflected throughout the teachings of MFM, where it calls upon members to become "aggressive Christians,"and some of the groups founded by MFM such as the Prayer Warriors, Territorial ...